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OKOS (Training office for the public sector in Sogn og Fjordane) is the largest certified in-training office for the public sector in the county of Sogn og Fjordane. The office is responsible for overseeing the quality of admission and vocational training for some 100+ apprentices. Our nearly 30 members come from various parts of the public sector – including city, municipality, county and state administration, health and welfare institutions, upper secondary level schools and other public offices.

We are approved for in-service training in 11 trades, including:

Child care and youth worker
Health care worker
Computer electronics technician
ICT service representative
Institutional cook
Office and administrational worker

OKOS was established in 1996 and has since seen more than 600 apprentices and/or candidates receive their trade certificate or craftsmanship diploma. On average, 25% of our apprentices obtain the highest grade available during their final assessment.

The tasks OKOS performs on behalf of its members includes:

  • legal responsibility for training contracts
  • administering courses and workshops
  • making sure there are motivated instructors available at the training establishments.
  • distribution of government funding.
  • visiting the training establishments twice annually (at least) to hold meetings with apprentices and establishment representatives
  • developing and distribution of information and education material
  • making sure the mandatory in-training assessments are being carried out.
  • tardiness and absence control
  • developing and managing international projects, and offering motivated apprentices training abroad
  • arrange fields trips
  • report to local and national government bodies
  • turning apprentices and candidates in for their final examination/assessment
  • In short – our mission is that the training of our apprentices and the recruiting of future employees to the public sector is of the highest level.

OKOS view the international aspect of vocational training as being very important. Mobility in training strengthens the quality of the training itself, in addition to the skills of the participating apprentices. Our experience shows that a period of training abroad, raises awareness of differences, strength and weaknesses in the partnering countries educational system, increases global understanding and professional pride. The participating apprentices express appreciation and a great sense of outcome, both personal and professional.

OKOS has been involved in international mobility projects in various trades since 2005. We have, or have had, placements in institutions in Estonia, Denmark, France, Lithuania, The Czech Republic and Germany.

Managing Director:

Hans-Børge Lillehaug
Phone: +47 906 17 979


Aslaug Ljostveit
Phone: +47 57 82 50 80
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